Charlotte is a known live guest illustrator located in Adelaide, South Australia, providing live illustration for all types of events including weddings, birthdays and corporate events around Australia and beyond. During your event Charlotte will paint your guests creating an incredibly unique live experience for your guests! Each illustration is completed at a remarkable pace (approximately 20 people illustrated per hour) and your guests will get to take a personalised, hand-crafted keepsake home with them to remember your event by.

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How to book

Live guest illustrations are offered by the hour so you can pick a perfect time block that suits your number of guests and your event schedule. 

(Please note that the hourly rate will be discontinued and new packages will be introduced from June 1st 2024. If you would like to secure your booking at these rates, please book before May 31st)

You can choose between 3-7 hours of painting time. On average, I can create between 8-10 portraits per hour, so you can choose the number of hours that suits.

The minimum booking is 3 hours. 

3 hours - 24 - 30 portraits (approximately 48-60 guests)

4 hours - 32 - 40 portraits (approximately 64 - 80 guests)

5 hours - 40 - 50 portraits (approximately 80-100 guests)

6 hours - 48 - 60 portraits (approximately 96 - 120 guests)

7 hours - 56 - 70 portraits (approximately 112 - 140 guests)

For large events, you can add a studio session to your booking where I finish the remainder of the portraits from my studio. The studio session is an additional $150.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Guests can come up to my station during your event to have their photo taken. I create stylised watercolour fashion illustrations from these photos so your guests can enjoy your event.

How many guests can you paint at one event?

I can usually create an average of 10 couple portraits per hour (20 people). I can paint for up to 6 hours if your event timeline allows for this which can cover up to 120 people. For large events, you can opt to add a studio session which is an after-event service where I paint any remaining guests that were unable to be painted at your event.

Can you travel for my event?

Of course! I love to travel and would be delighted to travel to illustrate at your event. I am based in Adelaide so travel fees will apply for interstate or international travel. Interstate rates: silver $2000, gold $2500, platinum $3000 + $750 travel fee) Please get in touch for international travel availability and quote for my services and travel.

Can you paint more than two people at once?

I try to keep each illustration at a maximum of two people per portrait so I can paint as many guests as possible. I will happily paint families with babies/small children. If you have many families to be illustrated, please let me know in advance so I can prepare illustration cards for this. Please note that families/groups take longer to paint.

How do we book?

You can get in contact via email or through filling out an enquiry form. If I am available for your date, you can secure your date with a non-refundable 50% deposit.

How far in advance do we need to book?

I recommend reaching out 6-12 months before your event to ensure that your date is available. Popular months during wedding season are likely to be fully booked in advance. If I am available for your date, you are welcome to book me for your event at any time.

What do we need to provide for you?

I kindly ask that a large table with 2 chairs be provided for me to work on the day. All artist materials will be provided.

Can we request specific people to be illustrated?

Of course! I now offer priority guest tokens for a set number of guests that will be prioritised during your event. For example, the newlyweds, parents of the couple, bridal party etc. During the event, guests will be illustrated on a first in, first painted basis if not a priority guest. If you have guests that are excited to have an illustration created, let them know to get in first to have their photo taken.

I have a large event with more than 120 people, how do we make sure each guest gets a portrait?

It is recommended that you book a package with enough hours to complete illustrations for each of your guests. If your event is larger than 120+ a complimentary studio session is included in the platinum package where all remaining portraits are created post-wedding and sent directly to the couple. A studio session can be added to any booking if not already included.
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